What to expect during a Juice Fast

I am on Day 5 of my juice fast and bouncing with energy! As mentioned in my previous post (Juice Fasting: A Primer), you have to push through the first few days to really start enjoying the benefits of a fast. Today I will highlight what to expect during a juice fast, a day-to-day guide. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different, and I am simply sharing my own experience.

Day 1

  • I don’t feel much differently on Day 1 than the preceding days since there is likely still food in my stomach from previous meals (friendly reminder: make sure you start easing up on the dairy, meat, carb consumption a few days before the fast to ease into it)
  • No hunger pangs
  • Some folks may experience lulls in energy between juice meals- this is just a sign of low blood sugar. Over the next several days you will notice your blood sugar levels becoming more consistent- the fast essentially resets them!
  • Psycho-spiritual: it’s day 1, you are motivated and ready to go!

Day 2

  • Low energy
  • Hunger pangs
  • Food cravings
  • Some experience headaches
  • Loss of water weight (NOTE: expect to gain back 60-70% of the weight you lose on a juice fast since a lot of it is water weight. Juice Fasts are NOT for dieting purposes, they are a whole body cleanse)
  • Possible flu-like symptoms (an indicator that your body is riding itself of toxins and this the initial load)
  • Some get acne- a sign of toxins leaving the body through the skin
  • Some folks experience a lot of bowel movements as their system starts to clear
  • Psycho-spiritual: you start to question your decision to fast if symptoms get really bad

Day 3

  • Usually the worst day in terms of headaches for me (tip: try a Magnesium supplement like ‘Calm‘ to ease the headaches)
  • Weight loss
  • Low energy, acne
  • Tiredness, sleepiness
  • Continuation of flu-like symptoms
  • Food cravings, hunger pangs
  • Lose stools for some (if there is still residual stool in the colon)
  • Psycho-spiritual: you start to question your own intelligence 😉 You have to reaffirm your commitment!

Day 4

  • Weight loss
  • Residual headache
  • Symptoms start to clear up
  • Colon continues to clear itself
  • Energy levels are better or much improved!
  • Food cravings start to curb, blood sugar levels off
  • Psycho-spiritual: resolve to continue returns

Day 5

  • Lots of energy
  • Weight loss
  • No cravings or hunger pangs
  • Varied residual symptoms depending on person: loose stools, acne
  • Some experience the occasional lull (tip: feeling low in energy? When is the last time you had a serving of juice? Sometimes on the fast we forget to drink the juice regularly. Make sure you drink every 2-3 hours to keep your energy levels up!)
  • Psycho-spiritual: your mind feels clearer than it ever has! You feel more in touch with your body and it’s needs. At this point, I personally start to feel very attuned to my intuition.

Day 6-10

  • Mental clarity!
  • Great energy levels!
  • Occasional craving or temptation to eat solids while in social situations
  • System continues to clear itself- as a result there may be moments of tiredness
  • Weight loss starts to level off
  • Psycho-spiritual: you feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence for having a great amount of self-control, continue to be in-tune with body and mind

I hope this helps paint a picture of what to expect during a typical 5-10 day juice fast. Next up: how to break a juice fast the right way! Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “What to expect during a Juice Fast”

  1. This is great Kimi! Very timely post for me as I’m starting a juice feast tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience and breaking it down, day by day.

  2. This is great Kimi! Very timely post for me as I’m starting a juice feast tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience and breaking it down, day by day.

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