Nepali Speak

Here are a couple of my favorite Nepali terms that I picked up along the EBC trek.

Bistarey-Bistarey  ~ go slowly, slowly

Zum Zum ~ hurry hurry! (It can be quite confusing to get both these “suggestions” from your guide in the same hour)

Nepali Flat ~ watch out! Nepali flat means lots of ups and downs. Expect to be going down a lot, only to cross a goddamn river and then climb back up to a high elevation right after. Annoying. Very annoying.

Same Same But Different ~
Kimi: “How does today’s hiking route compare to the one from yesterday?”
Guide: “It’s same same. But different.”
Kimi: “Different, how?”
Guide: “It’s same same.”
Kimi: “So no real differences?”
Guide: “No there is more uphill and maybe 1-2 hours longer”
Kimi: “So there IS a difference?”

Kimi: “What is the difference between the Sherpa Stew and the Noodle Soup?”

… get the idea….

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