When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

~ Maya Angelou ~

Sun is Not the Only Source of Vitamin D
Khaleej Times | July 2018

“In fact, mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight boosts their vitamin D2 levels. Just 15 minutes of direct sunlight can produce 200 to 800IU in three ounces of mushrooms. At least 90 per cent of the vitamin is retained after storage and cooking. Leave them exposed to sunlight (even if it’s indoors) for 15-30 minutes before cooking.”

8 of the Most Inspiring Women We’ve Interviewed on Engage Me
Engage Me | August 2017

As we noted in our interview with her, Kimi Sokhi does not have a conventional role. Then again she doesn’t work for a conventional organisation. As manager of employee engagement and wellbeing at Expo 2020 Dubai, her job is to operate a five-year strategy to ensure the Expo team is physically, emotionally and mentally fit to prepare and run the event – but also encouraging employees to build the foundations of good habits that will last an entire lifetime.

Here’s What Happened To My Productivity When I Started Eating Breakfast
Fast Company | April 2017

“There are no conclusive long-term studies in adults that prove that breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’. However, there are many studies that show that children and teens benefit greatly from a good, healthy breakfast. Kids that eat single or double (one at home and one at school) breakfasts daily have higher IQ and perform better at school.”

Why Healthy Appetites Should be Learned in the Classroom
Khaleej Times | April 2017

There is no doubt that school meals matter. But more than just feed a child well, Dubai-based nutritionist, Kimi Sokhi, says it’s just as important to teach students about the importance of food. Here, she tells Khaleej Times why.

5 Questions for Kimi Sokhi, Engagement & Wellbeing Manager at Expo 2020 Dubai
EngageMe | April 2017

“Treating people fairly and like adults is the basis of making them feel respected and loved at work. Are your work policies fair and transparent? Do you work your people to the bone or do they have work-life balance? The bottom line is: are you taking care of your people or taking advantage of them? The best companies in the world like Virgin, Google, LinkedIn and Zappos all put their employees before profits. They know that if their employees are happy, the profits will come.”

Well being: Expo 2020 Staff Learn How to Switch-off and De-stress
The National | February 2017

Kimi Sokhi, the manager of employee engagement and well-being at Expo 2020 Dubai for the past year, says well-being is a “critical part” of the exposition’s preparations. “We need to be physically, emo­tionally and mentally ready for a six-month-long event, the size and scope of which the region has never seen before,” she says. She hopes to lay “the foundations of good habits”, so they become “second nature” by the time the Expo gates open to an anticipated 25 million visits in October 2020.

The UAE has a Formula for Happiness
The National | February 2017

The first speaker, Kimi Sokhi, a personal and corporate wellbeing expert, brought about awareness on the need to identify their values, why they are being cared for, why they are being loved, why all these feelings really must matter, to whom they should matter and the real meaning in life. She concluded that an alignment of employee and company values is the recipe for engagement and success.

Wellness Ambassadors at Work Interview
Workplace Wellness Center of Excellence | October 2016

Check out my interview with the Workplace Center of Excellence. “Learn from international Workplace Wellness professionals such as Kimi Sokhi, a KWC Master Ambassador and Workplace Wellness Coordinator in Dubia, and other KWC Certified Ambassadors and others ― career building, workplace wellness marketing, and business development strategies for internal and independent coaching/consulting in Workplace Wellness.”

Live With Multiple Sclerosis, Don’t Suffer From It
Khaleej Times | February 2016

“Overall I think MS patients should listen to their bodies and follow a diet that makes them feel better. They need to find the right balance of exercise, diet and stress management, along with their prescribed medications to manage their symptoms.”