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What I Learned After Week 1 of Working From Home & Social Distancing

So, how’s it going world? At this point, we are starting to see COVID impact almost every country in the world. I know many businesses are having to make tough decisions and people are losing their jobs. Many of those are people near and dear to my heart. I am grateful that all my loved … Read more

10 Things to Expect on a Long Trek

The trek tests you. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. You get strong. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. As the days go by you start believing in yourself and your ability to achieve this goal. You become your best cheerleader and motivational speaker, mentally singing to yourself “Go Kimi! Go Kimi!” Walking is meditative. If you have any unresolved emotional sh*t (like … Read more

What’s a Personal Annual Review & Why is it Important?

Does your boss sit you down once a year to evaluate how you measured up against your professional goals that help your team and at a larger scope, your organization? Then why are most of us not using the same rigor in our personal lives to ensure that we achieve our life goals and dreams? … Read more

The Power of Vision Boards

Have you heard of vision boards? They are not some kooky-fairy-hippie craft projects. They are a powerful tool to help you achieve your short-term goals and those Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals (BHAGs)! I am a big believer in goal-setting. If you don’t think about what you want to achieve, you will never get there. Putting something down on … Read more

The Essential Natural Travel Kit

There is no bigger bummer than getting sick during a long-awaited vacation. Whether you are dealing with digestive upsets or a sore throat, pack my natural travel kit in your suitcase and you can travel worry-free! The longer I have been exposed to the world of herbs and other holistic remedies the more convinced I … Read more

3 Ways to Get Back on the Health Wagon

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. Indulge a bit too much. Maybe it’s the food and wine while entertaining or socializing. Or it could be snacking on chips while watching TV. We all slip back into bad habits. Recently I have been indulging in sweets and restaurant food … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Mind Edition

We live in a world that bombards us with information constantly. We work too much. Play too little. Stress levels in North America are through the roof. Our ridiculously fast lifestyles have given us a lot of material comforts in life, but they have robbed us of the luxury of downtime for our minds and … Read more