The Great Egg Debate: Are Eggs Good or Bad for Health?

Eggs are one of my favorite foods in the world. I could have eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs Florentine is in my top 5 favorite meals. So when clients or friends tell me that their doctors have told them to reduce egg consumption to prevent high cholesterol, it makes me want to scream. So let’s settle the Great Egg Debate: are eggs good or bad for health?

What’s a Personal Annual Review & Why is it Important?

Does your boss sit you down once a year to evaluate how you measured up against your professional goals that help your team and at a larger scope, your organization? Then why are most of us not using the same rigor in our personal lives to ensure that we achieve our life goals and dreams? …

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Raw Chocolate Truffles

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the second thing on everyone’s mind is….chocolate! Make my raw chocolate truffles for loved ones (made from raw cacao, not ‘cocoa’ and sugar). They are a cinch to make and a total crowd pleaser! Psst- they are good for you too! What Is Raw Cacao and How Is It …

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Easy Peasy Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha is a powerhouse. Superfood of superfoods. So the next time you need an energy boost, brew some matcha green tea latte! It pumps you with energy without all the guilt of drinking a calorie and sugar-dense espresso latte. Matcha tea is the whole green tea leaf, ground up into a fine powder. The reason …

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Portion Distortion: How Clever Serving Sizes, Packaging & Labels Fool You Into Eating More

Did you know that you are more likely to overeat from a wide container than a tall one? Did you also know that you are constantly being tricked into eating more thanks to deceiving marketing practices? A few months ago I read a fascinating article in Nutrition Action about serving and package shapes and sizes …

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The Essential Natural Travel Kit

There is no bigger bummer than getting sick during a long-awaited vacation. Whether you are dealing with digestive upsets or a sore throat, pack my natural travel kit in your suitcase and you can travel worry-free! The longer I have been exposed to the world of herbs and other holistic remedies the more convinced I …

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Hearty Coconut Squash Soup

Nothing is more comforting and soothing than a warm bowl of hearty autumn squash soup. My Hearty Coconut Squash Soup (aka coco-butter soup) is a filling and nutritious meal-in-a-bowl. Did you know that a cup of butternut squash contains almost 280% of your daily intake of Vitamin A? And 48% of your vitamin C? Not …

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3 Ways to Get Back on the Health Wagon

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. Indulge a bit too much. Maybe it’s the food and wine while entertaining or socializing. Or it could be snacking on chips while watching TV. We all slip back into bad habits. Recently I have been indulging in sweets and restaurant food …

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Spicy Fish Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? After all, tacos are the new burritos. Burritos are so 2012, eh? Tacos are loved by all because they are the perfect handheld transportation system for spicy Mexican ingredients! I have personally been addicted to spicy fish tacos for the past year. I see them popping up on menus all over …

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Low-carb Mashed Cauliflower

If you love mashed potatoes but hate the starchy carbs, try this scrumptious low-carb alternative made from cauliflower with a dash of coconut oil, giving this recipe a rich flavour. I happen to come across a gorgeous purple cauliflower at the grocery store the other day, fell in love and brought it home! Instead of roasting the …

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