3 Ways to Get Back on the Health Wagon

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. Indulge a bit too much. Maybe it’s the food and wine while entertaining or socializing. Or it could be snacking on chips while watching TV. We all slip back into bad habits.

Recently I have been indulging in sweets and restaurant food a bit too much, with little or no time spared for my regular workouts. While I was planning on how to get back to clean eating again and my workout routine, I wondered what strategies have always worked for me when I have lost my way. Here are my 3 foolproof strategies to get back on the health wagon!

1. Start TODAY!

How many times have we all said to ourselves “I’ll start working out tomorrow when I am less tired” or “I’ll start my healthy diet tomorrow”. There is never a tomorrow. It never comes. Start today. Don’t make excuses. Just do it. If you are coming up with excuses on why you can’t start this very moment then honestly question those reasons. Are they real or concocted? If they happen to be real constraints, then make tomorrow the day but mark in your calendar and tell a friend about it. That will ensure you will follow through with the start date.

2. Start Small

Don’t try to boil the ocean at all once! Rome wasn’t created and one day and your gorgeous bod won’t be either. Love and accept your body today, and work with it to make the small changes over time. So if you are looking to overhaul your eating habits then start with something small. For example, maybe instead of having McDonalds at lunch, you can eat a salad. Cut out soda and juice and have water instead. Start with one good habit, and then build on it. Add a new habit every 7-10 days as you master one. It’s too daunting for us to change everything about our diet and lifestyle all at once. We get overwhelmed, fumble and then give up. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Build on small successes!

3. Track Your Successes

When you are trying to get back into a healthier routine there is nothing more demoralizing than slipping back into a crappy habit. We are motivated to make a positive change and suddenly a bad day comes along and throws us off-balance. This transition period of getting back on the wagon is a very crucial one, as our self-confidence is quite fragile at these times. Small failures can lead to complete derailment. To avoid this scenario, track your successes in a food journal or a fitness log, or just a good ‘ol calendar. Make sure you look at this all the time to remind yourself of how well you have been doing. Pat yourself on the back often, and carry on!

So there you have it! Three strategies have always worked for me, every time. What strategies do you use to get back on the wagon?

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