3 Rules for Healthy Holiday Eating

Want to avoid the dreaded BBB (Bulging, Bloated Belly) this holiday season? We all have a tendency to overindulge when delicious holiday favorites are put in front of us. Follow these 3 simple rules for healthy holiday eating and avoid the yearly weight gain!

  1. Eat your salad first: eat all the salad and veggies on your plate first. Vegetables are full of soluble and insoluble fibre. They bulk up in your tummy and help you feel full for a longer period of time.
  2. Then your protein: next up savour the turkey, ham, lamb, tofurkey – whatever your family’s protein of choice happens to be. Protein (just like veggies) gives us a feeling of satiety. In fact, getting enough protein is a key part of any weight loss program. Protein also helps the brain receive lower levels of appetite-increasing hormones.
  3. Everything else…but within limits: enjoy all your favorite foods, and don’t deprive yourself. However, do watch the portion sizes. Eat on a smaller plate and eat smaller portions of the high calorie items such as gravy, stuffing and dessert. When you are done eating, put your plate away in the sink so that you are not tempted to continue nibbling on more food.

Follow these three principles and I guarantee that you won’t walk away feeling full, bloated, and in need of an immediate nap!

I never ask my clients to cut out their favorite foods or foods they enjoy with their family and friends. We are social animals and enjoying meals with our loved ones is a very important part of living a balanced and holistic lifestyle. So get out there and savor each bite. Put down your phone. Hold that hug a bit longer. Relish the sound of laughter around the table. Let the spirit of the holiday season seep into every pore!

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